Maintenance is a vital aspect of your home or commercial HVAC system. The US Department of Energy states “Good maintenance practices can generate substantial energy savings and should be considered a resource.” A recent study by the DOE showed that a savings of up to 18% can be easily attained by the performance of regular maintenance.

Today, most air conditioners and furnaces come with substantial warranties; some with 10+ years. Many manufacturers require that proper scheduled maintenances be preformed regularly for the units to remain under warranty. An investment like a new system or even anew condenser should be protected. Scheduled maintenance will ensure you get all you can out of the life and performance of your system.

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They show that are maintenances are among the most comprehensive in the industry as well as the lowest price.


Dirty air conditioner evaporator coils restricts air flow as well as lowers heat transfer resulting in a loss of cooling capacity. The result of this loss of capacity means that the unit will run longer to cool the house. In addition to higher energy costs, an excessively dirty coil can lead to compressor failure or other costly repairs.

A dirty outdoor (condenser) coil will add to the high side pressure thus increasing the amount of work the compressor must do. This additional work increases your electric bill due to higher amperage draw of the compressor. This higher amperage reduces compressor life and again will result in costly repairs or even a replacement.